Facial Nerve Pain (Neuralgias)

Facial Nerve Pain (Neuralgias)

I suffer from spontaneous sharp, electric-like pain on my face. This can be a number of times a day, of a very short duration. So far the condition has not improved and can even happen when I wash my face or mouth. Is this common?

This could be an uncommon condition of the nerves that tends to affect the older age groups. Most common of these conditions is that termed Trigeminal Neuralgia.


  • sudden pain of varying intensity on the face or jaw. The pain is triggered by jaw movements or touch.
  • pain is of short duration and can recur several times a day
  • pain can be excruciating but often comes and goes


  • no known cause. It is commonly postulated to be due to nerve instability.


  • medication is the treatment of choice
  • imaging of the head to rule out brain lesions is often indicated