Mouth Ulcers

Mouth Ulcers

I suffer from recurrent mouth ulcers. This affects my eating and even tooth brushing. The discomfort lasts about a week. Is there any way I can hasten the healing? Does gargling with salt solution help?

Ulcers in the mouth can take some time to heal due to constant abrasion with the ulcer site. Application of a gel or paste prescribed by your dentist may help to protect the site from further abrasion. Gargling with mouth rinse or salt solutions will help reduce contamination of the ulcer site.

Apthous Ulcers


  • single or recurring painful ulcers in the mouth
  • ulcers can range from 2 mm – 10 mm
  • eating is interrupted for a few days
  • persists for 7-14 days


  • localised injuries from self-inflicted bites, tooth brushing, etc.
  • stress


Apthous ulcers usually heal without treatment. However, some may take a longer time to heal and may prevent you from performing basic oral hygiene procedures. Your dentist could help by prescribing steroid ointment or other topical medication.